Welcome to the USS Ajax!

The USS Ajax operates independently for up to three months at a time without resupply, but is based out of Starbase 611 for ship refit purposes. While underway, the Ajax is capable of conducting much the same missions as the larger ships of the Task Force. Standard patrols, merchant vessel inspections, sensor station repairs, even observation of other civilizations prior to another ship conducting first contact could be part of their duties. The Ajax has a planetary landing capability, which allows the crew to take the ship to the surface for extended missions instead of returning to orbit. R&R on the Starbase is always an option as well.

After a hiatus, the Wallace Class USS Ajax is returning to BravoFleet's Task Force 93. Under the command of the original Commanding Officer and with a GM staff comprised of previous members of the simm, they have over 60 years combined simming experience. The Ajax was an award winning simulation prior to it's hiatus, becoming the first BravoFleet game to be awarded the Admiralty Unit Citation, and recipient of Task Force 93 Simulation of the Month. Now the Ajax is making its comeback and is looking for new members to carry on its award winning tradition. If you feel you can contribute to the Ajax' story, click the 'Join' button below!

Ship Status: In Transit to Cestus III

Location: Triangle Region

Latest Mission Posts

» Breaking the News

Mission: Urgent Rescue
Posted on Mon Oct 14th, 2019 @ 5:59pm by Lieutenant Jason Tigan & Staff Warrant Officer Q'orvha Daughter of Kortar & Petty Officer 1st Class Tazanna Isaaisa & Petty Officer 3rd Class Leslie Cummins & Crewman Naz Jadi & Senior Chief Petty Officer Vcor'chak

Jason stood on the bridge of the Ajax and looked around it in silence. Knowing how at least one member of the crew was going to react to this announcement had him a little on the worried side. One of two things was going to happen in regards to that…

» Cestus Point 3

Mission: Urgent Rescue
Posted on Sun Oct 13th, 2019 @ 7:43pm by Major Shane McColm

Yesterday Taliana had met with Shane McColm a Major in the Marine Corps and probably one of those who were trained in Black Ops. After they had their run in with the Gorn she had dropped him off where he was able to get back into his hiding space.


» Cestus Point 2

Mission: Urgent Rescue
Posted on Sun Oct 13th, 2019 @ 7:31pm by Major Shane McColm

He had been on Cestus now for a week or so and while he still wasn't sure he liked it and had already killed over a handful of Gorn things were progressing too slowly. He didn't like being away from his now Fiance but what could he do when he…

» Cestus Point 1

Mission: Urgent Rescue
Posted on Sun Oct 13th, 2019 @ 7:30pm by Major Shane McColm

A beginning for Shane McColm

Cestus Log 1.0

Day 1 of my time on Cestus. It is hotter than Hades right now and there are so many things going wrong. I have met with local liasons of the various species on Cestus. They are all in agreement that something must…

» New Orders

Mission: Urgent Rescue
Posted on Sun Oct 13th, 2019 @ 11:00am by Lieutenant Jason Tigan

Jason secured the communications room as he entered and pressed the button to engage the transmission. He was only partly surprised when Captain Vasquez form materialized on the projector disk. Seemed every time he called the ship it was covert and secure. Why the man couldn't use a viewscreen like…

Latest Personal Logs

» Despair of my mind

Posted on Sat Nov 23rd, 2019 @ 9:49am by Petty Officer 3rd Class Leslie Cummins

"Computer," Leslie spoke to the black void at the back of Cargo Bay 2, "begin personal log and insert relevant stardate."

An echo'ed and solitary chime responded from within the void. "Personal Log, Leslie Cummins."

A deep sigh, "I could hear it again, the streets of Kengari Prime. The sound…

» Thoughts on Our New Mission

Posted on Mon Oct 14th, 2019 @ 5:59pm by Lieutenant Jason Tigan

"Computer? Begin recording, Commanding Officer's personal log. Insert the correct stardate."

The computer chimed to indicate all was ready for him to begin his log. Jason sighed and leaned back in his chair, putting his duty boot clad feet on the corner of his desk and sipped at his glass…