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Lieutenant Jason Tigan

Name Jason David Tigan

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Weight 190 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Grey-Blue
Physical Description Jason is not a physically imposing man; his physical strength is not overtly displayed through bulging muscles. He is lean and athletic looking in build. He is of average height for a human and keeps himself in good condition by strictly following his exercise plan. His brown hair is kept short, for a civilian or long for a service member.

His eyes have been described as cold or emotionless by subordinates and mischievous or playful and loving by friends and family. He has a friendly and infectious grin and is considered easy going until someone pushes his good humor too far.


Spouse None Listed on Record
Children None Listed on Record
Father Professor Thomas Allen Tigan, PhD
Mother Alice Susan Tigan, R.N
Brother(s) None Listed on Record
Sister(s) Jennifer Tigan, M.D; Private practice on Luna
Other Family None Listed on Record

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jason is cool and collected in tense situations. He tries to keep the big picture in mind when dealing with problems. A dedicated and loyal team player he can be relied on by all around him. He has a friendly disposition, unless pushed too far. He is also known as a practical joker.
Strengths & Weaknesses He has a very strong drive to prove himself to everyone important in his life. He broke the family tradition by joining Starfleet instead of going on to higher education as the majority of his family had done before him. To a certain degree he feels that he is looked down on by his father and grandfather for not following in their steps. He pushes himself harder than anyone else can and is proportionately harder on himself for his mistakes than his superiors are. He knows he cannot be perfect in the field, but does his best to be as close to it as possible.
Ambitions Personally, he would like to eventually settle down and raise a family.

Professionally, he has achieved his current career goals. He has become Infiltration Specialist for a premier ship of the line. The fact it's a Sovereign class and the flagship of a Task Force is merely icing on the cake. He was happy where he was serving in Intelligence, but then he was given command of the USS Ajax.
Hobbies & Interests Jason considers himself to be an avid outdoorsman. He has no problem going out for a weekend to climb a mountain all day and set up camp at the top and sleep under the stars. Or kayaking down a river until dusk and fishing for his dinner.

He exercises and lifts weights extensively and is exceptional physical shape and trains in several martial arts. During his quiet moments, he is a firm believer in meditation.

Personal History Jason David Tigan was born on July 2, 2360, only a stone’s throw from Starfleet Academy in San Francisco. His mother was a nurse at the Academy Infirmary, and his father, while having never served much as his father and grandfather before him, was a professor there. Jason grew up hearing about Starfleet, in both positive and negative connotations from his parents. While they may have worked for Starfleet, they were still civilians and would often discuss current topics and get into sometimes heated debates about them with each other as well as guests at social functions held at the family home.

He grew up listening to these debates, debates on policy, politics, the general morals of Starfleet and the Federation. As he grew older, he began to do his own research on the nets and watch the news for himself, forming his own opinions and eventually joining in the debates. The more he debated and researched, his parents and even their friends began to take him seriously and soon welcomed him into the discussions.

Eventually, Jason realized he wanted to get the information first hand, rather than by watching the news and reading public information and archives secondhand. When he graduated high school, he announced he was joining Starfleet. He was careful not to make his announcement until after he signed the papers, lest his parents try to and manage to persuade him not to join. Surprisingly, his parents supported his decision to go his own way rather than medicine or academia. His younger sister however did resist the idea, as she didn’t want to lose her older brother.

It was during his time in the Academy he found martial arts and fell in love with them. He distinguished himself in several types, both Terran and those of some other species. Growing up, his family life had trained his mind to a razor’s edge and now he worked to get his body caught up. These skills would come to literally save his life later in life, though he didn’t know that at the time.
Service Record 2378: Starfleet Academy, First Year Cadet
2379: Starfleet Academy, Second Year Cadet
2380: Starfleet Academy, Third Year Cadet
2381: Starfleet Academy, Fourth Year Cadet
2382: Graduates the Academy as an Ensign and is assigned to USS Rapier as Infiltration Specialist
---Cross trained in basic and emergency medicine due to projected behind the lines assignments and lack of proper medical support
2384: Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade
2385: Assigned to USS Zealand as Infiltration Specialist
2388: Promoted to Lieutenant
---Assigned as Officer in Charge, USS Ajax

Authorized Awards:
Purple Heart, two awards
Bronze Star