Thoughts on Our New Mission

Posted on Mon Oct 14th, 2019 @ 5:59pm by Lieutenant Jason Tigan

"Computer? Begin recording, Commanding Officer's personal log. Insert the correct stardate."

The computer chimed to indicate all was ready for him to begin his log. Jason sighed and leaned back in his chair, putting his duty boot clad feet on the corner of his desk and sipped at his glass of iced tea.

"Ajax has received our first official mission from SFI, which in turn released me from my orders not to tell the crew about our new status. It went over about as well as I expected when I told them the news and the crew reacted more or less how I expected them to individually. Cummins wasn't thrilled about my decision to cut through the Triangle, but we can't afford to take the long way around. Q'orvha was about as steadfast as usual, merely commenting on possible threats once we get inside the Triangle and then going to see about adjusting the warp core for a bit more speed. Naz looked like she was as excited as a little kid going on their first big trip for vacation. An apt analogy, since this might be her first big trip since joining Starfleet, but I doubt it's gonna be anything close to a vacation. V simply asked questions about the Major's medical needs. Questions I won't have the answers to until we get closer to Cestus. And Anna.... well we'll come back to Anna. Seems like everything always ends up coming back to Anna." He said more to himself with an amused chuckle.

Jason sipped at his tea some more and sat up, removing his feet from the desk as he reached over for a PaDD laying on the edge of the console. Skimming over what little information SFI had sent him on the situation, he continued his log.

"This trip is gonna be more complicated and likely much more dangerous than when we inserted the Major onto Cestus. We lost our technological advantage that kept the Gorn's attention off of us during the Ajax refit. This time at least there's gonna be two battlegroups to help keep the Gorn more interested in them than in us. Small consolation, since I doubt they'll be able to help us out if things go to hell. Mission itself is simplicity itself. Get to Cestus, contact the Major for landing coordinates, set the ship down, load up him and his people, and get the hell off the planet again without being captured or destroyed. Its the execution of that simple mission that worries me. And this is the only place I can admit that I'm worried. Out there in front of the others, there is no worrying. Just the cool, calm, and unflustered Lieutenant carrying out his almost suicidal orders with a grin and jokes. I mean what's there to be worried about? I'm only taking a Wallace class ship, the smallest damn ship in the entire Task Force, onto a heavily occupied planet full of hostiles who want nothing more than to blow us apart as soon as they see us, reaching an asset whose already on the run from those same hostiles, picking him up, most likely under fire, and then outrunning any ships that come after us, all while a full scale invasion is going on in orbit around the planet."

Jason shook his head in annoyed frustration at the entire situation he found himself, and his crew, in. He tossed back the rest of his iced tea and opened up the drawer in his bedside table, which was conveniently within reach from most anywhere in his quarters and removed the bottle it held. He poured two fingers of the amber liquid into the glass and without ceremony, threw it back as well before adding another two fingers to the glass and replaced the bottle in the drawer.

"Somehow I always seem to end up on the Intel missions that have the longest odds. Last time it was a covert observation mission behind enemy lines and my partner betrays the mission. My back still has the scars from that one despite the Doctor's best attempts to remove them when I got free and clear. Hell I still have nightmares from that one. And now this one. Sooner or later my luck is gonna run out and that's gonna be it. I just hope everyone else is a long ways off from me when it does. When it runs out for good, I doubt even Anna is gonna be able to help me sort that out. Deities know she had to work a miracle the last time when her people found me and nursed me back to health. But that story is for another entry. Computer? End log and apply all applicable security ratings."