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Breaking the News

Posted on Mon Oct 14th, 2019 @ 5:59pm by Lieutenant Jason Tigan & Staff Warrant Officer Q'orvha Daughter of Kortar & Petty Officer 1st Class Tazanna Isaaisa & Petty Officer 3rd Class Leslie Cummins & Crewman Naz Jadi & Senior Chief Petty Officer Vcor'chak

Mission: Urgent Rescue
Location: USS Ajax, Bridge

Jason stood on the bridge of the Ajax and looked around it in silence. Knowing how at least one member of the crew was going to react to this announcement had him a little on the worried side. One of two things was going to happen in regards to that woman, she was either going to flat out explode on him in front of everyone, or the exact opposite and turn back into that deadly silent version of her 'Frost Fairy' side. Neither of which boded well for him, but it couldn't be helped. He'd had his orders and unfortunately, orders were orders and with the ops in his history, failure to follow those orders could have some nasty consequences.

"All hands, this is Tigan. Sorry to break off the training folks but we've got work to do. Everyone to their bridge stations, on the double." He ordered and released the button on the console built into his command chair.

Anna frowned and bowing to her combat partner retrieved her weapons from the side of the room and slipped them back into their usaul places.

Tazanna padded to the bridge calmly and spoke as she often did when returning to the common tongue first in her native tongue then an iritated shale of the head and the words translated to standard. "Isaaisa bàodào. Aiya! Isaaisa reporting"

Naz Jadi wasn't far behind Tazanna. The Bajoran crewman followed along soon after she left. Her forehead glistened with a slight glow of sweat. Black and gold workout clothing seemed to match the colors of the security department perfectly. Jadi quickly walked up to the CO and Chief of Security. She looked to the side, seemingly waiting. Her thoughts drifted to what lie ahead throughout the day.

Arriving next was Q’orvha, who had walked at a brisk pace from the engineering access tube at the aft of the deck, the tails of her command robe flowing behind her.

The Klingon woman took up a position near the engineering station on the bridge and stood at attention behind it, her cowl-shrouded gaze falling upon the commanding Lieutenant.

The large Reman hated being on the bridge but he had his bridge position as well even if he couldn't stand being there. He knew that he would much prefer being in his medical bay preparing for whatever missions that they were to get.

Leslie, breathing slightly heavier from the physical activity. He awkwardly scooted around to the helm station, being the last to arrive. "Cummins reporting."

"Okay people listen up and listen good." Tigan announced as he stood beside his chair. Things were about to either get real ugly or real frosty... "Some of you are not going to like what I'm going to say, but personal feelings aside, we're all members of Starfleet. Keeping that in mind we swore an oath to follow the lawful orders of those appointed over us. One week ago, just before we shipped out from Six Eleven I was given one of those lawful orders. Just prior to us departing I was contacted by Starfleet Intelligence. Effective immediately upon the termination of that communication the USS Ajax and her crew were relieved of garrison vessel status at Six Eleven and made an independent vessel, as much as the Enterprise would be. With one caveat, we're assigned to operate under Starfleet Intelligence as a highly mobile Intel asset in this region."

Anna wanted to speak her mind but knew better than to voice her opinion with so many witnesses. Her eyes darkened from the usaul warm amber to obsidian black momentarily as she schooled her face into an unreadable mask.

Leslie bit his tongue, he let his face go a blank stare and focused no longer on his Captain but on the wall to the aft of the Bridge, letting the words sink in.

Crewman Naz widened her eyes along with a surprised expression. This was what she had been hoping for. A permanent assignment away from the station she had felt stranded on was welcome news. She looked over to see PO1 Isaaisa with a different, more blank look on her face. It confused the Bajoran slightly. She couldn’t help but let the excitement bubble at the thought of protecting an intelligence asset.

Jason looked around the bridge, gauging his crews reaction to this announcement by their facial expressions and body language. What he saw was more or less what he had been expecting to see. With a mental shrug he continued on.

"I was ordered not to reveal this information to you all until such time as we had mission orders from SFI. That call I just took? That was us getting our new orders. During our last rotation the Ajax was ordered to insert an intelligence asset onto Cestus to organize resistance to the Gorn occupation. He's been doing that for the last several months, but now he thinks his resistance cell may have been compromised. Our orders are to depart immediately for Cestus, extract the asset, and get him off-planet as soon as possible."

He paused to look around the room again and then continued his briefing. "From what I was told during my briefing Starfleet is gearing up to remove the Gorn from Cestus and Canterra by force. There are two battlegroups preparing to get underway, one led by the USS Hawaii, the other led by the USS Devonshire. There is a chance we may be able to get some support from the battlegroups, but lets be ready to execute this mission with no outside support. To speed up our travel time, we'll be cutting through the Triangle region, another area the Ajax has been before. This is gonna be a speed run folks, we'll be cruising at warp 7 as much as possible, so be ready to assist Q'orvha in engineering. That's everything I know at this time people, anyone have any questions?"

"Méishénme" Anna said shaking her head. her hands wer still clasped behind her back and she said nothing more as she listened to the others ask their questions

The Dr wasn't all to happy with the fact that they would be extracting someone from Cestus which was close to where they could be in close proximity to the Gorn "Sir can we get the identity of the person we are extracting and do you know the medical condition if they think they have been compromised. We may need to have extra time when we extract said person if they are not capable of moving the way we should."

"Anna and I know exactly who we're picking up, we're the ones who put him on Cestus to begin with. Though we did have a cloaking device last time." Jason allowed. "This time the Gorn will be busy dealing with two battlegroups of Federation ships. Much of their focus will be directed there. He's a rather prickly Marine, we'll make contact once we're nearer to Cestus and ascertain the situation on the ground."

The Reman nodded prickly that was normal "Sir from my experience dealing with the Marines are always prickly to a point. I have dealt with my share of them during my training as a medic and know how much of Pain they can be" He knew that he was probably have need of a good strong sedative for this Marine if he was that much of a pain. He knew that he probably wouldn't get much of an answer either from the CO as to who it was.

"If we are cutting through the Triangle, than we will need avoid certain areas...less we become a target for the that lawless region." Q'orvha spoke up, her voice carrying out from her workstation alcove to the rest of the bridge. "Without a cloaking device, staying away from the Romulan and Klingon thirds might also be expedient in the long run...the Romulan third is technically part of the Neutral Zone and a local colonial governor might decide to take offense.

"...and even with another civil war, Klingon raids from over the border are still a real threat for any vessel or station in the region, provoked or otherwise." The Klingon woman offered a knowing smirk. "There is few things more troublesome, than a Bird of Prey on routine patrol, with an idle commander and a bored crew."

"If we run into any Romulans, they'll have already violated the Treaty of Nelvana by crossing through the Transit Corridor, which is Federation territory. In that case we do whatever the situation demands us to do for the sake of expedience. We'll cross the Triangle at the upper corner. Nimbus to Smugglers Cove, down to Kaleb and then directly to Cestus."

His blank gaze focused now to the floor, raising his eyebrows Leslie finally spoke up with a sigh, "at least I've got a heading."

"Indeed you do Mister Cummins. Lay in the course I described, warp seven. We've got a long way to go and a short time to get there." Jason nodded to his Helmsman.

"Aye aye," Leslie rather unenthusiastically retorted. Lowering his voice to a barely audible mumble he uttered, "damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead."

Turning his attention to his helm panel he began threading the needle and inputting the points of interest, building out the flight-plan described. Each stroke a chance of misgiving that could lead to detection and death. This felt more like jumping planet to planet, market to market, shelter to shelter, he did when he was young. Sneaking, lieing, evading. Doing what one must do to survive. The smells of the streets once again filling his mind, so tangible the memory it was a though he had left the bridge of Ajax and traveled back in time.

Jadi listened to the others speak on the different potential outcomes. She suddenly felt underdressed in her workout clothes, even if they matched the black and gold motif of the security department. She needed a quick sonic shower, then she’d try to monitor a secondary security panel.

A twinge of a nerve wracking thought reminded her that she was assigned to damage control. Her throat tightened until she swallowed a gulp of a breath. Jadi slowed her deep breathing to combat a quickening heartbeat. She had no fear... Only a heightened sense of awareness was responsible for the Bajoran adrenaline pulsing through her veins.

"Cummins, you have that course plotted?" Jason asked looking towards the helm. He was anxious to get moving, if the resistance cell had indeed been compromised, then time was indeed of the essence."

And just like that, Leslie came crashing to the present with a quiet gasp and rash of adrenaline. Unable to respond he re-scanned his console confirming his subconscious had not made for them a retreat. Sweaty palms and barely able to utter a sound, "Aye," was his only reply.

"Then lets go." Tigan nodded simply. "Times wasting, and we don't have the luxury of losing much of it."

"In that case, I shall see what I can do to intensify our warp field..." Q'orvha stated as she began to work over the engineering access terminal. " least, as much as I can without turning our warp signature into a blazing beacon for all eyes, friendly or otherwise, to see across subspace."

"I'll assume the usaul restrictions are lifted." Tazanna remarked softly.

"We'll consider that once we get closer to the Triangle." Jason said with a simple shrug. "In the meantime, shipboard and personal weapons stay as is."


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