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New Orders

Posted on Sun Oct 13th, 2019 @ 11:00am by Lieutenant Jason Tigan

Mission: Urgent Rescue
Location: USS Ajax, Holo-Comm Room
Timeline: Immediately after Tigans departure from 'Combatives'

Jason secured the communications room as he entered and pressed the button to engage the transmission. He was only partly surprised when Captain Vasquez form materialized on the projector disk. Seemed every time he called the ship it was covert and secure. Why the man couldn't use a viewscreen like most officers was beyond Tigan.

"Captain Vasquez, can't say this surprises me all that much." Jason observed as he leaned back against the bulkhead and crossed his arms over his chest. "We getting new orders I take it?"

"Any reason no one answered when I tried to contact your ship, Lieutenant?" Vasquez replied, his eyes narrowed slightly in mild annoyance.

"Yes sir, its quite simple. Noone was on the bridge." Jason responded, resisting the urge to roll his eyes. "I've got a six man crew right now Captain, and that includes me. As such, every member of my crew may be required to defend this vessel in the event of a hostile boarding. While we are in orbit of a Federation member world, with its own orbital defenses, I decided to have my entire crew participate in some close quarters combat training to increase their defensive capabilities."

He was annoyed at the other mans annoyance at the delay. Ajax was barely manned to operational standards and the crew that the Captain had assured him was being worked on had yet to materialize, something Jason was fighting against the urge to point out. He had to take his training opportunities when they were presented.

"Sure it was a risk, but a small, yet calculated one." Jason continued on, "If something were to happen we'd have been alerted by the ships automated protocols. I could have had my entire crew at combat stations in a minute flat."

"I see." Vasquez responded flatly, though visibly relaxing. Whether he was actually calming down or forcing the appearance of doing so was up for grabs. "Your last rotation, you made a delivery to Cestus for us. It's time for you to pick that package back up and as quickly as possible. He thinks his cell may have been compromised and he needs extraction. There are two battlegroups enroute to finally remove the Gorn as we speak, one led by the USS Hawaii and the other by the USS Devonshire. So we can't pull any other assets to do the job for us, they're tied up obviously with the impending combat operations. Get the Ajax to Cestus as soon as possible, make contact with the asset, and get them off planet. Any questions?"

"Get from Canopus to Cestus?" Jason couldn't help but stare in disbelief. "That's four sector blocks!"

"You have your orders Lieutenant." Vasquez responded flatly. "I expect you to see them through."

"That's a helluva run Captain. Canopus to Faltan, Faltan to Nimbus if we cut through the Triangle from Nimbus to Kaleb or Faltan to Curtiss if we don't. Then from either of those to Cestus."

"Make up the time Lieutenant. Cut the corner and take the Triangle."

"Any chance of support from either of the battlegroups?"

"Slim, but possible."

"Guess we're on our way then. You know I'll have to tell the crew about our being acquired by SFI." Jason reminded him.

"Your orders were to not tell them until you received mission orders. You have orders." Vasquez did some reminding of his own.

"We're on our way sir. Ajax out." He said and pressed the button to terminate the connection. After the hologram faded and the lighting returned to its normal shade rather than the blue of the hologram filling the room Jason shook his head. "Well.... shit!"


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