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Cestus Point 1

Posted on Sun Oct 13th, 2019 @ 7:30pm by Major Shane McColm

Mission: Urgent Rescue
Location: Cestus

A beginning for Shane McColm

Cestus Log 1.0

Day 1 of my time on Cestus. It is hotter than Hades right now and there are so many things going wrong. I have met with local liasons of the various species on Cestus. They are all in agreement that something must be done about the Gorn crisis. They are all very fearful of retaliation.

I can understand that to a point but we all know that the Gorn are a threat to the Federation and that someone needs to be able to stop them. I have set up different resistance pockets including a private one where I have just for myself.

If all else fails I will be able to escape to that place and confirm commands with the Admirals and Generals. It is also the place where I will go to when or if I am in dire need of extraction.

The Gorn themselves are a vicious people who have no love for the Federation or it’s species. Since landing I had to show the people that I was good at what I did and had to go and fight the Gorn myself. I fought the Gorn in hand to hand combat showing them what a trained Marine could do.

Despite everything I have a feeling that these people will never be ready for the Resistance movement in a reasonable time. We shall see and I will then be able to determine if this is a futile ploy that the Federation is using to just get me out of their hair.

We will see as time goes on. There is a Bajoran leader of one of the small pockets that I think will make the best leader but she seems to have some issues with running up against the Gorn. She is older and she fought the Cardassians so I definitely don’t understand her squeemishness.

I really do have my reservations about the orders to come here but the Marine Corps and StarFleet must certainly have their own reasons for why they want a person like me here. Then again fighting with the Generals is one of the reasons I don’t have the backing and why I am not in charge of running BlackOps in this sector.


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