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Cestus Point 2

Posted on Sun Oct 13th, 2019 @ 7:31pm by Major Shane McColm

Mission: Urgent Rescue
Location: Cestus

He had been on Cestus now for a week or so and while he still wasn't sure he liked it and had already killed over a handful of Gorn things were progressing too slowly. He didn't like being away from his now Fiance but what could he do when he was a Marine and part of Black Ops and Intel. The life of a Marine was always one where you never knew if you would be in a standard place for more than a month at a time. His Fiance also knew the same thing as she was also a marine and she knew Black Ops was also a place where you could disappear for a long time but she always kept the faith.

It had taken days to set up the special area that was just his own and to get a chance to really speak to others who were part of the resistance.

Taliana was the third in command and she was a beauty with long black hair that touched the ground if not tied back. She had blue eyes that were so light that they almost reflected her mood. She was the rare beauty that everyone couldn't get enough of. He was lucky that he hadn't wanted to be with another woman after his wife died for a long time and had found someone a year ago. Being on Cestus had prevented him from really having proper contact with her but she knew the role of BlackOps more than anyone else could.

"Well Taliana do I finally get to meet your leader or are we going to continue to go around and around until you and I are both frustrated"

She laughed "Now you know that it's not all fun and games here we can't just take anyone to meet the head of the resistance"

A large Gorn came out from a boulder and Shane knew that they were in for it now. He was large and muscled there wasn't much he could do other than to end it quickly. The gorn probably outweighed him by 2 or 3 times and was hugely muscled and looked strong enough to be able to tear his arms out of there sockets.

Shane quickly got into stance "Take Cover" with that he whipped himself into a tumbling doing a backhandspring into two quick snapped whipbacks. As he came out of the second one he did a half turn so he was facing towards the Gorn. He snapped his leg in an axe kick taking out the Gorns Energy Rifle.

The Gorn came in slowly trying to use his more powerful build to grapple. Shane knew that if he was given that chance he wouldn't stand a chance to winning the combat let alone surviving it. With himself in the Jinga he rolled forwards and to the side evading the powerful grapple technique that would have ended his life. As he rolloed up he took a great risk and did a Pele style kick flipping backwards landing on his back and connecting his foot hitting the shoulder hard. You could hear the snapping of the shoulder.

The gorn fell to the ground as Shane nipped up from back to feet in one fluid motion. He quickly saw that the gorn was on the ground and quickly pushed himself into a handplant spinning and coming down with both feet knocking the Gorn out of the action. He knew it would recover from the stunning hit soon enough. He snapped out his right hand quickly and a knife appeared in his hand. He slashed it quickly across the neck of the gorn. He heard the gurgle and knew that the Gorn was dead.

Taliana quickly rushed over "Wow that was some fight. We must hurry where there is one Enemy there could be others"

Shane nodded and sheathed his knife quickly at his hip which was not it's usual position. He would put it back in it's quick release sheath when he had the proper time. "Where are we headed"

She laughed "You will see Major. You have earned my respect that is what mattered at this time we will take you to safety and be in contact" she said and they ran as fast as they could .


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