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Cestus Point 3

Posted on Sun Oct 13th, 2019 @ 7:43pm by Major Shane McColm

Mission: Urgent Rescue
Location: Cestus

Yesterday Taliana had met with Shane McColm a Major in the Marine Corps and probably one of those who were trained in Black Ops. After they had their run in with the Gorn she had dropped him off where he was able to get back into his hiding space.

He had some ideas and he knew that there were issues that these people would have. They weren’t trained fighters. In fact most of them weren’t able to handle weapons very well. It will be a hard road ahead and many of these people could die.

Tactics dictated that a larger opponent would have a great advantage over someone smaller and weaker. He had shown what he was capable of doing to Taliana. It was hard and he felt sore today as he had to use moves that he wouldn’t have attempted except for desperation. You couldn’t find hand to hand that easily with the Gorn they were stronger and if they grappled you wouldn’t be able to break their hold.

That’s why he went for more of a unique fighting style that wasn’t normally seen. In fact few probably still knew of it at all with the exception of a few of those who kept the old style martial arts like Capoeira alive and kicking. He used the jinga to help time his moves to ensure that he could evade. Capoeira was much like him quick motions and high flying tactics. Training was hard and he would do some of this more as a show for the resistance but he would try and get them to understand.

Techniques that were used in grappling which he was also trained would be useless for these people. The only thing that could happen would be potentially to protect themselves but it would be risky. It might help them survive to get help but he wasn’t sure how hard that would be.

His plans were going to be to help them protect themselves as well as to ensure that that hand to hand would always be a last resort. He needed to train them on ranged weaponry and most of them didn’t have much. He was hoping to get his hands on Gorn Weapons as it would allow people to believe that it was no more than internal fighting between the different members of the Gorn people. That would be hard but not impossible.

Tomorrow he was supposed to meet with the Council that was around and brief them on his mission. He wasn’t sure he was looking forward to that since of course who would have wanted to brief civilians with no experience on how to fight.

His plans were the same as before. He would tell them what he knew and show them some tactics that could save their lives. He would really have to think of the best way to train. It had been years since he trained in the Martial Arts and trained others. He was a solid fighter and probably in the top of the Federation. He could train them but it wouldn’t be like at his time of training.

He remembered that he was young, his parents had just died in the shuttle accident and he felt utterly alone. He had turned to a few friends that he had known over the years and they in turn brought him into another group of friends. Unfortunately it was a cadre of young people who looked to kill others and to start a powerful and addictive drug syndicate. They were modelling themselves after the Orion Syndicates which in and of itself is an issue.

He had went with his young and stupid intelligence and didn’t think that he was being manipulated. By the time that he realized what was happening he had already been in for a couple of years and had to defend his life against members of many different enemy agencies. He had killed at that point 7 people and if it wasn’t for a certain Admiral he would have been jailed for murder.

Thinking of that made him think how we would train them he couldn’t do it the way that they did in the Carteja Cartel but he would have to do something drastic to show them that they faced a most horrendous and dangerous enemy.

But that was a problem for tomorrow. Tonight he needed sleep. As he laid on the cot he drifted off to the sweet dreamland and the dreams and nightmares that followed as normal.


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