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Handling Frostbite

Posted on Sun Dec 22nd, 2019 @ 11:44am by Lieutenant Jason Tigan & Petty Officer 1st Class Tazanna Isaaisa

Mission: Urgent Rescue
Location: Mess Hall, Deck One

Jason was sitting at one of the tables, nursing a cup of ice tea and getting in an after shift meal. After he ate, he planned on trying to contact Major McColm on Canterra to get a status update on the situation he and his people were facing in order to better prepare his own crew for what they were heading into. After that, a round at the gym, a shower, and then some personal time before he went back to the administrative work of running a starship.

He looked up when the door hissed open and then shook his head when he saw it was Anna coming in. She'd been decidedly frosty since he made the announcement about the ship and crew now being part of Starfleet Intelligence. The fact that it wasn't his decision to put them in such a position didn't register. Nor did the fact that he was following orders when he didn't tell the crew about it until he did.

Tazanna appeared to all calm and serene. Nothing ruffling her feathers and nothing raising her temper. She entered the mess hall and bowing as was her way spoke softly. "ni hao, Zhōngwèi you wanted to see me?" she asked in icy calm tones.

"Nope, I didn't call you Anna." He responded, shaking his head. "I'm just going over reports, but since you're here, pull up a chair and let's see if we can't clear the air a bit." He said tilting his head to the empty chairs scattered around.

Tazanna turned and made herself some hot water before sitting and watching Jason calmly.

"Look, I know you're not exactly happy with this new status we've all picked up. I remember the history your family has with SFI." He said with a deep breath. "And I know you're definitely not happy I didn't warn you that it was coming, but what the hell was I supposed to do? I was under orders not to divulge that information until we had an operational mission."

"I do not need to be happy sir. Orders are orders." She smiled sweetly, the smile not quite reaching her eyes

"Oh cut the crap Anna." Jason said rolling his eyes. "If you weren't pissed off at me, you wouldn't be giving me the ice queen treatment. You've been either ignoring me completely or interacting only as much as the performance of your duties requires."

"You are overthinking again," Tazanna stated dismissively. "I am being professional whilst on duty. Was there something i did wrong?" she asked.

"Come on Anna," he said shaking his head, "if I sat any closer to you, I'd get frostbite. You haven't wanted anything to do with interacting with me for the last week. That's not your normal behaviour and we both know it."

"I see your little hamster on the wheel is working overtime. You are over thinking things again." Anna said dismissively.

"Fine, then I guess there's nothing more to talk about," Jason said with a scowl, "since it's all in my head apparently. If you say everything's fine then it is. I'm not gonna argue about this stuff anymore." He drained his tea and set the now empty glass aside. "Maybe everything else that I thought was between us was all just in my head too." He said coldly as he stood up.

"As you wish." Tazanna commented stiffly as she stood and walked away from him her head held high.

"No," Jason muttered to himself picking up his glass and carrying it to the recycler, "not what I wish. Anything but what I'd wish."

The slight lowering of her head and clenching of her fists were the only indicators that she had heard his soft comment.


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