A New, Yet Old Home.

Posted on Sat Jan 4th, 2020 @ 10:01am by Petty Officer 1st Class Camibree Stephons

Mission: Urgent Rescue
Location: SB400 Docking Bay
Timeline: After receiving orders to report

Bree had laughed out loud when she received her orders to report to the USS Ajax. “That little bucket?!?!” She screamed. “Oh for crying out loud.” Bree raked her fingers through her wavy locks a few times in frustration before coming to a realization that it must be some kind of karma and laughed it off.

Petty Officer Stephons had enjoyed a good furlough on Starbase 400. She had received some needed rest. As far as recovery, there had been some good times hanging out with the non-coms, and a few good nights with guys that she would never see again.

When the fated day arrived, Stephons quickly packed up her personal belongings that all fit into a small dufflebag. In the last couple years she had changed her attitude toward possessions. Items that she wanted to keep with her, . . well if it didn’t fit in her bag, then she would toss it away or send it to storage. She knew someone on Betazed that she could trust. If she found something that she really wanted to keep, then she would send it there to a long term storage facility.

So, in a clean and pressed uniform and her small duffle over her shoulder, PO1 Camibree Stephons made her way through the Starbase. There was nothing reason to show up looking sloppy nor unprofessional. She had matured some in the last couple years, and with the upgraded rank she really wanted to look the part.

Bree initially entered the large Docking Bay on an elevated walkway overlooking the shuttle’s and ships on the deck. Even with it before her eyes she spoke, “Well there you are. I never thought I would see you again, you old hunk of junk.” She couldn’t help but smile and moisture formed in the corner of her right eye.

Leaning on the railing for support, memories came flooding back to her. Bree closed her eyes and swallowed hard. But then standing up straight and wiping her face dry, she turned and walked toward the nearby lift that would deliver her closer to her new, yet old home.